Q and A with Charles Johnson

CJJDavisports: How was your pro day?

Johnson: My pro day was good.   I like to believe it went extremely well.  I performed as well as I said I would.  There were also ton of scouts there to see me, so being able to perform the way I did running a 4.35, and 4.38 in the 40 yard dash was great.  Not to mention showing my explosion by jumping a 39.5 vertical and 11.1 broad also helped my day. Continue reading

The Ravens Offseason

The Superbowl champs, Baltimore Ravens appear to be in a rebuilding process this offseason.  After Ray Lewis retirement, some other valuable pieces decided to part ways as well.

Safety Ed Reed was one of those valuable pieces to that Superbowl team that decided to leave.  Reed has been a Raven his whole career until now (2002-2012).  Following the season he became a free agent and has recently decided to sign with the Houston Texas which looks like a potential playoff team entering the season.  Continue reading

New 49er: Nnamdi Asomugha

Former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha has recently signed a 1-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers this past.

Asomugha is seen as one of the best corners as well as overall players in the NFL today.  Two years ago (2011), players from other teams ranked him as the 18th best player and this past year (2012) he was ranked 79.  I wonder what he will be ranked this year coming up. Continue reading

Off The Board Early: Geno Smith

Many are unsure when former West Virginia quarter back Geno Smith will be drafted, Unknown-2but one thing is for sure, that he will be the first quarter back drafted.

This past season Smith had a great year.  He threw for 4205 yards 42 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.  Those are nearly unheard of stats for a quarterback that plays in an offensive scheme that prides them selves with chucking the ball down field. Continue reading

Sleeper: Charles Johnson

Do not sleep on the Division II athletes entering the draft.  Some are extremely talented and have produced a great amount for their universities while they were there.  My Division II sleeper is Grand Valley State Universities very own Charles Johnson

 Johnson is a 6’2 225lbs wide receiver.  Before transferring to Grand Valley he attended Eastern Kentucky University as well as Antelope Valley Community College.  He had a brief career for both schools, but obviously did enough to be noticed by Division II powerhouse Grand Valley State. Continue reading

Where Will Alex Go?

Alex Smith was the 49ers first pick in the 2005 NFL Draft out of Utah.  Smith was seen to be the future of the 49ers organization until a concussion during the 2013 football season.  Ever since Smith’s concussion, Colin Kaepernick has stolen the show in San Fran.


Starter or Back-up? Comment below!

The 49ers are able to keep both Smith and Kaepernick due to their contracts not being expensive.  Having both would cause conflict internally for the team and will become a major distraction.  Both are capable of starting on another team.  However, Kaepernick lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl something Smith was unable to do in recent years, so he would definitely be the keeper between the two. Continue reading

New Era in Philly: Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly

Will it be effective?

What type of offense will the Philadelphia Eagles be running this upcoming season is what everybody wants to know?  New Head Coach Chip Kelly is the former Oregon Ducks head coach.  While at Oregon, Kelly had a potent offense that could almost score at will.  His spread option offense is not an original offense to the NFL AT ALL. Continue reading

Future NFL Prospect: Tavon Austin

Electrifying, speedy, shifty, explosive,playmaker summed up into a little nickname called Whodini.  Do I need to say more about West Virginia’s stud receiver Tavon Austin?

Austin finished second in the country in all-purpose yards this past year as a senior and he lead the nation in all-purpose as a junior the year before.  He can line-up at running back in certain situations.  He is also a phenomenal return man.  Lastly, he is an exceptional slot receiver. Continue reading

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